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Friday, October 10, 2008

Katcina Mosa 100km 2008 & The Bear 100 2008


This was my 3rd year in a row running this difficult 100km (62 mile) mountain run. I wasn't too smart though, as I just finished the grueling and demanding 135 mile ultra marathon across Death Valley....BADWATER!!!
I shouldn't have even attempted to run another Ultra Marathon so soon after my sub-48 hour finish at one of the toughest endurance races in the world, but I did anyways.

I actually felt good and had done a few short training runs after resting from Badwater. I managed to hang with the lead runners for about the first 13 miles, then was told I was 5th coming into the Aid Station at mile 24.

But that's all the luck I had. It warmed up to one of the hottest Katcina Mosa year's ever....hitting 100 F some people said. My poor traumatized body went into relapse or something and I was quickly too low on electrolytes. I made it to Windy Pass, halfway, but threw up everything I ate and drank there about a mile after leaving that Aid Station. I was a long 9 miles to the Little Valley Aid Station. The last 20 miles or so I was just lucky to be still standing, honestly. Blisters from the Death Valley race all came back on my left foot and I felt nauseated for hours.

My friend Marcee surprised me about 13 miles from the finish. I knew she might be at the finish watching, but didn't expect her to come meet me and pace me the rest of the way. She kept talking me into finishing, despite my many attempts to just call it quits. I was affraid I wouldn't even make the Midnight Cut-off. After throwing up a few times and threading some blisters on the last 6 mile stretch to the finish I was able to finish in 20 hour 33 min. I was a bit dissappointed as I have done this course twice before in under 17 hours, but I was just glad to be finished. PAIN AND DISCOMFORT ARE TEMPORARY - PRIDE IS FOREVER!!!

THE BEAR 100 - 2008 Elevation Profile
After crewing Marcee at the Wasatch 100 just a month before, and pacing her for the last 25 miles of that killer course...I was excited to get out again and run another difficult race of my own.

We started at city park in Logan, Ut at 6am and had 36 hours to finish this brand new 100 mile mountain course with nearly 23,000 ft of total elevation gain/loss finishing at the beautiful Bear Lake in Idaho.
The first 50 miles went by really well, until my stomach started turn on me. I believe now, looking back, that I was taking in just too much of everything....electrolytes, fluids, calories..etc.

I enjoyed seeing a lot of familiar faces of many ultra runners I've met over the few years I've been running these endurance races. I was surprised at how many knew about my Badwater finish and congratulated me. They always tend to ask the same thing too: Is it really that bad? To which I reply...ya, it's one I don't really care to do again....hahahaha.

This picture was taken as I was coming into the 2nd Aid Station about 19.6 miles into the race. I had some hot spots on my feet so I changed shoes and socks before going on.

The afternoon was quite hot for this high elevation course in the end of September. As soon as the sun set the tempuratures dropped quickly and some colder spots during the night actually reached a few degrees below freezing. I had hard time keeping down any food all night. I had to spend a lot more time at the Aid Stations than I wanted to try and settle my stomach and keep some food and fluid down for a while.

Finally after a long night I decided to sleep for an hour from 5am to 6am at one of the Aid Stations. I think that saved my race and by 9am I finally got my appetite back and made a strong comeback for the last 25 miles of the race in only 7.5 hours.

I ran the last several miles as hard as I could to try and finish under 35 hours, which I did. My total time was 34 hours 40 minutes....good news though....NOT ONE BLISTER!!! That's a miracle in my book....hahahaha.

My crew, Natalie and Marcee were great. I was so glad to have some friends with me at each of the Aid Stations to encourage me to keep going.

Just soaking my feet in cold water :o)

I did it.....after finishing two 135 mile ultras this year, I actually got my first 100 Miler Buckle!!!


Gary said...

Sweet, You rock, Jarom. Keep up the good work.

Haliku said...

You are an animal! Congrats on all the successes this year. Great meeting you at 24 Hours Boulder. Cheers!